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I am a member of Konecky lab at Washington University in St, Louis, MO. I am interested in the relationships among climates, environments, and humans during the Holocene through lenses of geochemical and computational approaches. My Ph.D. project specifically focuses on past variability of the local air temperature of the Peruvian Andes and intensity of the South American Summer Monsoon (SASM) over the Common Era (i.e., last 2,000 years).

Alakan Tundra

2017- present

Paleofire - charcoal analysis 
Paleotemperature - branched GDGTs


Tropical Andean Highlands

2018 - present

Hydroclimate - leaf wax δD, δ13C 
Paleotemperature - GDGTs, modeling


South East Asia 

Potential future project

Looking for future collaborators focusing on Southeast Asian Monsoon intensity and impacts. 

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