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Fun facts

At least, to me :)


I defended my Ph.D. when I was 36 weeks pregnant.

I definitely do not recommend this to anyone! My son arrived safely at 38 weeks. Does this mean he also get a Ph.D. as well?


I have a green thumb.

Tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce, cabbages, carrots, you name it.


I have three cats.

Covid-19 + Ph.D. can make people feel extra lonely. Me too! I got two kittens in June 2020 and another kitten in March 2022.


I speak three languages.

Thai, English, and Chinese. I actually took a Spanish 101 class when I first started my Ph.D. so that I could communicate with the locals. (My Ph.D. field site is in Peru). However, I didn't use it because the locals talked to me in (broken) English when they saw my face.

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