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Southeast Asia

Rain/flood in front of my parents' house while I was visiting them in October 2022
I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I moved to the US when I was 17 to attend school and later universities. Of course, I experienced so many new things during my first year - super cold winter weather, snow, as well as non-monsoonal rain. I usually visit home in Thailand once a year and it tends to be during 'rainy season' (summer monsoon season). I felt very intrigued by the amount and the intensity of rain/flood every time I was there. It is not something I experience over here in the US. (It is like you appreciate it more when you are not there anymore.)

Now that I am actively working on paleoclimatology/ climatology field, I am naturally inclined to learn more about the climate of my home region. Upon my research, I soon realized that there are not many paleoclimate
proxy data over Southeast Asia, compared to other regions in the world. When I attended conferences, there was no specialized session on Southeast Asia. All in all, I hope to work on this region after my Ph.D. to produce more data from this region, network with local scientists and help bridge them to US researchers, as well as raise public awareness on potential climate change impacts on environments and daily life. This year (2022), my friend and I are convening an AGU session specifically targeted paleoclimate research on Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

Let's connect if you are or interested in working on paleoclimate/climate research over Southeast Asia!   
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