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Midwest Geobiology Conference 2018

October 8, 2018

We went to Northwestern University over the past weekend to join the Midwest Geobiology Conference. Many people across Midwest came to present their works here. Shoutout to Ben, our lab group member, as he also presented his summer research here. His research was about analyzing 13C, C/N, and chlorophyll in a core from Lake Sibinacocha, Peru (very interesting)!

Our lab group members: from left to right; Bronwen, Nadia (me), Ben, Jack, and Hammy

The talks started from 9 am to 5 pm. Each presenter has about 20 minutes to deliver his/her talk and answer questions. Our department has three people presenting orally and several people presenting their posters. Although this conference was a bit long since the organizers tried to put everything into one day, I have learned a lot of things ranging from animal burrows discovery in Ediacaran to microbial induced sulfides.

We almost had everybody in the pictures, but Seth, Jack, and profs were missing.

I have learned that next year the conference will be held at WashU, so hopefully, by that time, I have something to present there haha.

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